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  Date downTime Event Category
  27/8/2014 All Day  Mike Denver 9:30pm    Concert
  28/8/2014 All Day  The Legends of Luke Kelly 8.00pm    Concert
  28/8/2014 All Day  Karen & The Dolans 9.30pm repeating icon    Concert
  29/8/2014 All Day  Friends In Low Places 9.30pm    Concert
  30/8/2014 All Day  Toughathlon Killarney    
  30/8/2014 All Day  The High Kings 9.30pm    Concert
  30/8/2014 All Day  Brendan McCahey - Voice of Ireland Winner 2014    Concert
  31/8/2014 All Day  Country Sunday's    Other
  1/9/2014 All Day  Celtic Steps 8.45pm repeating icon    Concert
  5/9/2014 All Day  Big Country Weekend repeating icon    
  6/9/2014 All Day  Lloyd Cole 9.00pm    Comedy
  7/9/2014 All Day  Michael English 8.30pm    Concert
  7/9/2014 All Day  Shaun & Jane Country Music Week repeating icon    Other
  13/9/2014 All Day  Dickie Rock 9.00pm    Concert
  13/9/2014 All Day  Karen Underwood 9.00pm    Concert
  26/9/2014 All Day  Beth Nielsen Chapman 9.00pm    Concert
  26/9/2014 All Day  The Phil Mack International Country Show repeating icon    
  27/9/2014 All Day  Killarney Cycling Festival    Other
  27/9/2014 All Day  American Wrestling Rampage 6pm    Other
  11/10/2014 All Day  Gift Grub Live 3 8.00pm    Comedy
  11/10/2014 All Day  Brendan Bowyer 9.00pm    Concert
  16/10/2014 All Day  Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra 8.00pm    Concert
  17/10/2014 All Day  The Life and Music of Jim Reeves 9.00pm    Concert
  24/10/2014 All Day  The Drifters 7.30pm    
  25/10/2014 All Day  Dr.Hook Featuring Ray Sawyer 8.30pm    Concert
  26/10/2014 All Day  The Wolfe Tones    
  7/11/2014 All Day  Dara O’Briain 7.30pm repeating icon    
  8/11/2014 All Day  Camille O'Sullivan 9:00pm    Concert
  15/11/2014 All Day  Johnny McEvoy 9.00pm    Concert
  12/12/2014 All Day  The Nuala's 9:00pm    Concert
  20/12/2014 All Day  Declan O'Rourke & Paddy Casey 9.00pm    Concert
  27/12/2014 All Day  Jack L 9:30pm    Concert
  29/12/2014 All Day  Damien Dempsey Solo 9.00pm    Concert
  30/12/2014 All Day  Mick Flannery 9.00pm    Concert
  31/12/2014 All Day  Nathan Carter New Years Eve 9.00pm    Concert
  2/1/2015 All Day  Reeling in the Showbands Years 8.30pm    Concert
  9/1/2015 All Day  Elvis Rocks Weekend repeating icon    Concert
  24/1/2015 All Day  Brendan Grace 8.00pm    Comedy
  31/1/2015 All Day  Mike Denver & Guests 8:30pm    Concert
  13/2/2015 All Day  Isla Grant 8:30pm    Concert
  14/2/2015 All Day  Tommy Fleming and Band - Valentines Day Concert, 8:30pm    Concert
  21/6/2015 All Day  The Willis Clan 8.30pm    Concert
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