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Minding Frankie comes to the INEC Killarney on May 22-23 - Gleneagle INEC Arena Killarney

Minding Frankie comes to the INEC Killarney on May 22-23

Minding Frankie comes to the INEC Killarney on May 22-23

Minding Frankie is a family love story by one of Ireland’s most popular writers. Full of Maeve Binchy’s trademark wisdom, warmth, and humour, the hugely popular novel has now been adapted for the stage. Directed by Peter Sheridan and starring Steve Blount and Clare Barrett, Noel is struggling to be the best mother he can. Noel Lynch is struggling with an alcohol addiction, when he gets a call from Stella, a girlfriend with whom he shared a drunken weekend. Stella is having Noel’s child; she is also dying from cancer. Noel must raise their daughter, Frankie. Social worker, Moira Tierney, has other ideas, and is prepared to do battle for custody of the child. In order to prevail, Noel must prove that he can fill a woman’s shoes, break all the stereotypes, and become the best mother than he can be. Along the way, he discovers that it takes a village to rear a child, or at least a street. Maeve Binchy is one of those rare writers –  like Dickens, Wilde, Shaw, Behan –  whose work springs from their larger-than-life personalities. More so than other writers, their unique voices are captured in their work. This production of Minding Frankie once again makes Maeve’s voice available to all those who love her, and to those who will come to love her. “ Best night in the theatre in a long while” Gay Byrne “Noel (lovably played by Steve Blount) and Moira Tierney (played by the staggeringly versatile Clare Barrett)” The Irish Times “With its gentle, involving nature and its warm comic performances, Minding Frankie…….draws applause and gasps throughout “   The Irish Times “Funny, moving, and masterfully done, “Minding Frankie” is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that will unquestionably put a spell on you.”  The Arts Review “Steve Blount and Clare Barrett, as Noel and Moira, as well as a range of other characters, simply surpass themselves.” The Arts Review “Imaginative…Huge charm….A winning duo” Sunday Independent “Barrett and Blount…competing for the best comic timing in the business” The Sunday Times “Outstanding character actors…deliver the goods to perfectionIrish Mail on SundayWonderful…Charming…Perfect for Binchy fans” Red Curtain review

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