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Pa Sheehy announces headline show at the INEC Club - Gleneagle INEC Arena Killarney

Pa Sheehy announces headline show at the INEC Club

Pa Sheehy announces headline show at the INEC Club

Having recently his debut EP ‘The Art Of Disappearing’ and his third solo single ‘Through the Fields’ Pa Sheehy announces headline gig at the Gleneagle INEC Club. Speaking about the announcement on social media Pa said “This announcement makes me very happy. I’m gonna play my last show of the year at the INEC Killarney this December.” Pa Sheehy’s ability to dig deep and give voice to the human condition reaches new heights in ‘The Art Of Disappearing’, the Irishman’s debut solo EP, which, contrary to its title will once again place him in the full glare of audiences far and wide. It packs a hefty melodic punch with choruses destined to linger long in the memory. Speaking about his debut EP release and new single, Pa Sheehy says: “The EP title comes from my need to go away from social media and the world to make something. I used to love artists and bands who would stay low key for two years and then announce that they’ve got a new record. That excites me so much. So this EP is what I’ve created in my reclusive state. Songs that I’ve written and recorded but only truly come to life when released. “Through The Fields” is a song where I wanted to capture the sense of community in a small town when a family is faced with loss. The first verse paints my childhood Sundays while verse two brings up the realities of saying goodbye to someone.”  

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